About Leida Schuringa

Leida has more than 20 years experience as a supervisor and coach and has specialised herself as an international certified Integral Coach™ (see http://www.integralcoachingcanada.com). Being educated as sociologist she followed further education in community development, management, supervision, energetic body work and Spiral Dynamics. After working in the field of housing policies, for a knowledge centre and an institution for higher social education, Leida started her own business as coach and trainer and has written different books, among others about project management and managing diversity. See http://www.leidraad.com.
In recent years she has been the manager of the Quality Centre for Refugee Women (http://www.qcnetwerk.nl) and now she is partner in various projects carried out by Synnervate (www.synnervate.nl). Leida loves to cooperate with others to develop new ideas and pursue projects, that bring reciprocity, nourishment, inspiration and innovative concepts. Photo: Leida (left) discussing with coachee Mary Sibande.

More about Balanced-Power


My approach is result-oriented and I am supporting work related developmental questions as well as private ones. Free of judgement I am looking together with you to new perspectives. My starting point is the inner power of people and their qualities. From there we’re going to find out what you want to realise in your work and life and what is the way for you to do that.


This present time is asking a lot from people. A high committment and performance is required. Not only in work but also in your private life. Finding a good balance is essential for your development and health. Your ambition is starting point for our coaching. I will show you multiple perspectives and give you practices to reach your goal. One of those will be the competence to observe yourself with an attitude of acceptance and lightness.


I liked the way of working. I liked to get very concrete exercises meant to break through my old patterns. The metaphors of the ‘The boundless Cupido’ and ‘the Receiving Buddha’ were very well chosen. It really worked to work from those images.
I appreciated the coach very much, she is restful but energetic and thoroughgoing. Involved but with enough space, she gave me the opportunity to tell my story. She was empathetic and gave me a good feeling about myself, especially about my results. I experienced my coach as a big support, feeling I didn’t have to do it all alone. I learned a lot and I have been developed very much.

Anneke, senior community worker Rotterdam

Business philosophy

I love to work with with individuals and organisations who feel challenged to develop new approaches for the complex questions they are facing. Connected with the bigger whole and with my intimate self I want to give my personal contribution to the world. Managing the diversity in the society is an essential part of that. Respect for being different, the courage to question one’s own self-effidences in curiosity, experiencing where are the similarities and how connection can be build. As project lead, coach, trainer and consultant I focus on clearing the way for natural developmental processes, based on the newest insights in the field of integral and inclusive theories. The direction of the common search is to see how the present potential might emerge.

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