Learn to communicate your personal boundaries and wishes more clearly

Are you a Super Woman who devotes herself to perfectly organising her work and private life? A competent juggler who tries to keep all the balls in the air? A person who is always there for others, but tends to forget herself… Are you becoming tired of doing this….?

You probably have already experimented with different solutions. You are an intelligent woman who is able to reflect on herself. And yet you get caught in this field of tension again. It is like a battery. You are a person with lots of energy. But if more energy is constantly being used than created, your energy gradually becomes depleted. You are playing an important role in this process by the choices you make, consciously or unconsciously….

Suppose you would stop with this familiar role…..
Suppose you would really choose for you. Suppose you would become conscious of your own boundaries and wishes and would be able to make them clear to others. And in doing so, find a new balance between involvement in work, family, friends, resulting in space for yourself?

Integral Coaching

It is possible!!! And it is an exciting choice to take the lead into a new life. Integral coaching can support you!

“I am a fully accredited and certified Integral Coach™, having completed all levels of the Integral Coaching® Certification Program (ICCP), surpassing the International Coach Federation (ICF) required training hours (200) for a Master Certified Coach level of certification. Integral Coaching® is a sophisticated professional coaching application. It’s developmental approach to coaching is based on adult development research and the Integral framework originally designed by Ken Wilber. This well researched design supports, holds, and encourages you in your growth and development. Integral Coaching® is both highly structured and highly intuitive. We use different ‘lenses’ to get you in sharp focus so that we see your world through your eyes, speak your language, and are better able to adjust our services to you.”

  • Discovering your power and qualities and taking this as the basis of your coaching.
  • Becoming aware of and acknowledging your present situation.
  • Based on respect for your own perspective, challenging you to inquire other perspectives too .
  • Learning to recognise your bodily signals and to use them live your life in a satisfying way.
  • Expressing clearly your wishes and boundaries.
  • Developing the courage to break through seemingly harmony and doing so, realising deeper relations and.
  • Rest and trust.

The Trajectory of Integral Coaching is like walking a still unknown path. The first steps are clear. You know the ultimate goal although you cannot yet imagine how it will be arriving there. It is still round the corner.
When you have decided coaching will be a right next step for you and you choose for me, we will follow the next steps:

  • An Intake Conversation to get clear what is your coach topic and how are you handling it till now.
  • An Offer Conversation in which I do you a proposal for the next period. Part of it are two metaphores that will shine an inspiring light upon your path. And you wil get different daily exercises and assignments to get used to your new way of being.
  • A number of Developmental Conversations to discuss your progress and make clear what will be your next step.
  • Closing Conversation

This integral coach program is focussed on realising concrete results. Research shows that people are able to change deep rooted patterns and habits when they perform new ways of doing during a certain period. So you learn step-by-step to create your new life.

A complete integral coach trajectory consists of 6 – 12 sessions. The number is dependent on different factors like the coaching goal you want to realise. The trajectory you will follow, is specifically designed for you and matches your coaching topic, your life and your ambitions precisely. The sessions are once in a fortnight. In between you will do practices and exercises that support you to reach your goal.
I do most of my coaching live, but coaching online or by telephone also is possible. The sessions will be held in the centre of Utrecht.

  • Price per hour for businesses is € 225,- ex VAT.
  • Price per hour for private persons is € 100,- ex VAT.

If you would first like a try-out session, we have the following procedure:
If you decide not to continue, the first session is free. If you choose to continue (and most people do….), this is the first session of your trajectory coinciding with the intake which will be charged.

Why choose Balanced Power?

Many years of experience
I have been building my expertise for more than 20 years, which enables me to create complete and fitting coaching trajectories for individuals.
Unique approach
This kind of coaching is based on the latest integral theories and uses surprising metaphors to create the life you were looking for.
Lasting results
By integrating the sessions with daily practices (adapted to what works best for the client) new insights will be transformed into new behaviour.

What clients say

“I feel so proud of myself to have reached the place where I am now! I want to thank Leida for her patience, support and wise insights. I still often think of her and the tranquillity she expresses. This had had a tremendous effect on me and my behaviour.”

Hester, HR adviseur Brocacef