Do you want to balance your work and private life? Do you want to communicate your personal boundaries and wishes more clearly? The solution might be closer than you think....

Many years of experience

I have been building my expertise for more than 20 years, which enables me to create complete and fitting coaching trajectories for individuals.

Unique approach

This special kind of coaching is based on the latest integral theories and uses surprising metaphors to create the life you were looking for.

Lasting results

By integrating the sessions with daily practices (adapted to what works best for the client) new insights will be transformed into new behaviour.

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What client’s say

Some time ago I was coached by Leida. In that period I was frustrated with my work life. I got stuck and was desperately longing back to the time I followed my ideals and worked with enthusiasm without being cynical. I ‘saw’ what was happening but was not able to change the negative spiral. Through integral coaching I discovered I would only find answers to my questions by breaking through my internalised patterns. Determining my own direction is possible only when I stop letting others direct me like a stretched and flexible puppet. It was time to take control and to decide how I wanted to act on the stage. My life has changed totally since then. My energy is overflowing, I am able to inspire other people, I have a fitting job and look forward to the future. With Integral Coaching Leida challenged me to really look in the mirror and take myself serious/seriously.. Her quiet and inspiring way of working surely was a contribution to the good results. My wish is that everyone could be coached by Leida and Integral Coaching!’

Vanessa, 42 , Manager socio-economic program, project organisation urban renewal, Delft.